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Powerbox: These are superb power supplies from Xam suitable for both coil and rotary machines. With a smooth 10 turn potentiometer, the output is 3A 15VDC,  with zero heat. These supplies give a noticeable power increase to your machines and improved performance all round. Comes with a switchable plug to use universally worldwide and has a non slip rubber base with a strong neodymium magnet. The boxes are beautifully finished, small (approx. 10cm x 6cm) and stylish. I have them in Olive, Textured Red, Textured Black,  Pink, Terracotta and Light Turquoise colours, all look great! Please email if its a particular colour you want and I can let you know if we still have it.

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  • XA-TS1
Powerbox: These are superb power supplies from Xam s uitable for both coil and rotary... more
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