Shipping Prices & Times

Shipping costs are the same regardless of how many Books, Flash or Prints you order it is a flat rate single payment for each order. The prices for the shipping zones are as follows:

£ 7 United Kingdom.
£ 15 Ireland, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Belgium.
£ 17 Germany, France.
£ 20 Denmark, Finland, Greece, Italy, Austria, Portugal, Sweden, Spain, Vatican City State.
£ 37 Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Iceland, Macedonia, the former yugoslav republic of, Canada, Malta, Norway, Mexico, Switzerland, Puerto rico, USA, Slovenia, Liechtenstein, Ukraine, Poland, Montenegro, Hungary, Serbia, Turkey, Czech republic, Slovakia, Romania, Bulgaria, Cyprus.
£ 38 Japan, China, Croatia, Hong kong, Korea, republic of, Malaysia, Philippines, Russian federation, Singapore, South Africa, Taiwan, Thailand.
£ 40 Indonesia, Brazil, Panama, Djibouti, Tuvalu, Macau, Bahrain, Seychelles, French southern territories, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Cambodia, St. Helena, Iran, Israel, Papua new guinea, Dominica, Uganda, Madagascar, Bangladesh, Sierra leone, Gabon, Åland inseln, Georgia, Myanmar, Cameroon, St. Pierre and Miquelon, Sudan, Iraq, Afghanistan, Paraguay, Dominican republic, United States Minor outlying Islands, Malawi, Barbados, Solomon Islands, Gambia, Ghana, Nauru, Cape verde, Suriname, Jamaica, Albania, Peru, East timor, Uruguay, Maldives, Belarus, Gibraltar, Nepal, Cayman islands, Svalbard and jan mayen islands, Jordan, Algeria, Pitcairn, Ecuador, Uzbekistan, Mali, Belize, Greenland, Netherlands antilles, Central african republic, Chad, Swaziland, Kazakhstan, American samoa, Qatar, Egypt, Vanuatu, Marshall islands, Benin, Grenada, New caledonia, New zealand, Chile, Syrian Arab Republic, Kenya, Andorra, Reunion, El salvador, Venezuela, Martinique, Bermuda, Guadeloupe, Nicaragua, Christmas island, Tajikistan, Kiribati,.

We ship using UPS and usually most UK orders received before 12 midday are next day delivery, Europe and the Rest of The World are generally between 2-3 days. All items are tracked and as long as you provide your correct email address you will receive notifications about the shipping status of your order. Any questions about shipping please feel free to contact us.