Refunds Info

If any item is damaged in transit, incorrect, missing or incomplete it will be replaced or fully refunded including all shipping costs. You as the customer are obliged to check the delivery upon arrival for these faults. In the case of any of the above faults you are obliged to claim in writing by post or email within fourteen days upon receipt of the goods. All returned goods become the property of Gentlemans Tattoo Flash. Faults in a part of the delivered goods do not justify a claim for the entire delivery. For purposefully or heavy negligence of duties Gentlemans Tattoo Flash is liable. This is also valid for legal representatives and helpers. For light negligence the liability of Gentlemans Tattoo Flash and their helpers is limited to the contract, typical, foreseeable damage. Gentlemans Tattoo Flash is not liable for damages whose creation did not have to be expected within the framework of this contract. Untypical unforeseeable damages are therefore not covered by this guarantee.

There is also a "cooling" off period where you have fourteen working days (not including bank holidays or weekends) after the day on which you receive the goods where you are able to return the goods to us and we will give you a full refund including the shipping cost. In this case if it is simply a “change of heart” the return shipping charges are to be paid by you the customer. The refund will be made within thirty days of receiving an email or written confirmation from you that you wish to cancel the contract.

All returns must be returned to us within a four week window commencing from the day the claim was accepted by us, failure to return within this period will mean the return claim is closed.