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Bakemono - Kikai - Hotoke: This is the first 3 books of what will be a 9 book encyclopedia from Ade. These first three volumes are Bakemono which is supernatural creatures, ghosts and Yokai, then we have Hotoke which is Gods including many Kannon, Fudo Myoo and other then the last book is Kikai which is the classic Oni Demon and this shows the Oni in many different guises as Raijin, Fujin and so on. This is a real deluxe collection of books, with many written explanations about the gods, creatures, yokai and so on. An invaluable reference!!

3 Books, the books are all A5 hardcover, gold and black embossed with silk page markers and have page counts of 134, 152 and 140.

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Bakemono - Kikai - Hotoke:  This is the first 3 books of what will be a 9 book... more
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